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Curriculum Affairs
  1. Overall management of curriculum affairs. (Course Selection, Program Curriculums, Course Withdrawal.)
  2. Distance learning and EMI courses review.
  3. Processing credit transfer or course exemption.
  4. Duties regarding instruction planning.
  5. Maintenance of Curriculum Mapping.
Module Lead Affairs
  1. Teachers' teaching hours payment, overtime payment management.
  2. Organizing and scheduling of instruction survey.
  3. Document review for recruiting professional teachers from the industries.
  4. Management of Counseling Record System for Office Hour.
Assessment Methods & Information
  1. Management of Master and Ph.D. degree examinations.
  2. Duties regarding midterm and finals.
  3. Seating arrangement for examinations.
Equipments & Announcement
  1. Procurement and management of teaching equipment.
  2. Classrooms management.
  3. Teaching equipment & Property management.
  4. Release announcement on electronic bulletin board.
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